Our company have years of experience in the locksmith field. All technicians are licensed, insured, and highly knowledgeable on a range of lock and key situations. Whether you are looking for straightforward services, such as rekeying and key cutting, or more complex services, such as transponder key programming, we can help.

Locksmith Washington DC is an industry-leading lock & key company with services available across the DC area.

Broken lock

The lock has just broken, and it’s 2am on the clock? No worries, our call center accepts requests 24/7! So whenever you will be in such a situation, we’ll be ready to help in a timely fashion!

Lost keys

If you have lost your keys or simply left them inside and walked out, we can get you back in. Besides a standard procedure of copying new keys from an old, cracked and fixed lock, we can install a new one for you, at once!

Broken keys

If you have broken or damaged a key so that it no longer opens the doors, we can easily get you back inside the building and replace the keys and/or the lock.

Stolen keys

If you’ve had your keys stolen we can easily get you back inside your home or office and also replace keys / lock as required.

Robbery repairs

We will immediately change your locks and give you a new set of keys, if you will suffer from such a mishap as a burglar attack or a robbery.

If you ever encounter any of these issues, feel free to get in touch with our call center, 24/7 via this number: 202-770-3614